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Master Bathroom Reveal

It’s done! I’m not going to mince words here because I’m so excited by the “after.” I came home from a week away to have it completely done, so it felt like I was on an HGTV show seeing the big reveal! 

Some background before I share the after photos. Our master bathroom (like our whole house), was blanketed in travertine  tile and dark brown accents. I realize many homes share this motif, so I’m not knocking it, but it was just way too much ‘warm tones’ for me. We bought the house knowing we’d change it all, so it’s been fun playing designer. On that note, initially we were going to use a designer but then I decided to just do it all myself (with hubs’ opinions, of course). To be honest, it’s been sooo fun picking out finishes. The inconvenience of the dust and noise and workers is minor. We have been troopers so far in dealing with it all. The upstairs is nearly complete, so when they start on the downstairs in a few weeks, we will probably move out for part of the time. 

Alas, I digress. Back to the master bath! Bye bye warm tones, hello cool grays and whites. And, as you’ll see, what I am calling our statement shower is my favorite. It is a showstopper! In the same way that travertine and beige was the norm in the 90s and early 2000s, I predict we are all going to tire of the marble trend that is going on now. So, instead of a white marble shower, we picked a bold charcoal granite! It’s so RAD. And in true GoB fashion, quite glam, if I say so myself. I know it’s not for everyone, but we love it. And I think I’ll love it for years to come due to its uniqueness! For the shower floor, storage niche, and shaving niche (so fancy), I picked grayish white marble hexagon tiles. For the floors, I chose a brilliant white marble (haha). So needless to say, I also love marble. Who doesn’t!? It’s just that I stopped at the shower walls to go for something different. As for the vanity, we got custom white Shaker cabinets, a gorgeous quartz slab counter with flecks of charcoal in it, a hexagon marble tile backsplash to tie in to shower, framed mirror, simple lighting, and square vessel sinks with big faucets. (Note- we picked squared edges throughout the bathroom). All the finishes throughout the bath are chrome. Also to note, we got all new doors in Shaker style with black hardware, and a barn door entrance to the bathroom. Annnd, my new jewelry armoire built in to the the wall with a full-length mirror door (this was my Christmas present)! It’s unbelievable. It literally has changed my life. For those of you curious about paint, I again picked Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray for walls. 

Okay, enough chatter! Here are the before pics:

And now, the big reveal…

Ta da! That shower is no shy wallflower, amiright?!

Here are some more shots. It really feels so much more open. I love the freestanding tub and chandelier! And the built-in mirror/jewelry armoire 🙌🏻

So that’s the master bath! I hope you enjoy seeing our home’s progress! Next up, I’ll share the new floors and stairs! 


A Glam Little Kids’ Bathroom

While we have been waiting for final approval from our homeowners’ association to begin the heavy remodeling, we decided to start with the kids’ section of the house – their bedrooms and bathroom. The bathroom is a pretty tiny room, and when we moved in we quickly realized that space was an issue. Brushing teeth at the sink with them both on step stools while the door swings into the stools was not our favorite activity.  See the before pictures below. 

Shallow bath tub with- you guessed it- more beige tile! (And of course the floor was travertine 😂) also the shower doors were framed and cumbersome for giving the babies a bath. 

The vanity faces you right as you walk in. I wanted this dark wood and ugly granite gone. I also wanted a double sink for my two little ones. In a small space, this was tricky, but we made it happen and I’m so happy we did!

What to do about kiddos’ stools?? What do you all do? They’re one of those necessary evils. I feel like they just take up so much room and are always in the way, especially in this small space. They just make a space feel cluttered. I came up with a great solution as I’ll show you in the “after” photos. 

Dark, cramped, and not our style. 

My vision for this space was clean, modern, white and gray, with matte black accents. We decided on ditching the old door and having our contractor install a Shaker style pocket door. It has been a total godsend! See the pics below.

 Pocket door! Seriously, the best. We’re also installing them in our powder room and master bath. They are brilliant solutions for rooms that lack space, or for spaces where lots of times the door is open anyway (my kids rarely even close the door). We chose this modern three-panel solid wood door. All our doors will be changed to look like this. 

This is the classic basket weave marble tile I picked for both the floor and the accent for the shower niche. I love it. Like love. I’m obsessed with it, actually. It is gorgeous and timeless and we’re very happy with the choice! We chose a dark charcoal gray grout to make it pop. 

Our new vanity and fancy toilet. The vanity is 39+ inches across, but not so deep, so there is actually a lot more space than before. I also managed to find a single basin sink to fit on top, with two faucets! Genius. I just love how this came together. The glossy white vanity is so sleek.  To complete the look, I picked a heavy 36-inch round glam mirror over the vanity. I think it softens the room and of course adds a little glamour. 

Sneaky sneaky… I spy two little stepstools under the floating vanity! This brings me happy tears. Also, for those wondering what color we chose for the walls, it is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. And the ceiling is the same color lightened 50%. It’s a gorgeous color and one I’ve seen designers use in many rooms of the house. We also chose this color for the kids’ bedrooms and it looks so good. 

 We chose a very deep rectangular modern tub from Mirabelle. I picked this rad glossy white 3×15 inch subway tile for the bath. Again, dark charcoal grout. Love this look. We also elongated the shower niche across the length of the wall for a more modern look which also helps with storage. 

Another look  at the hidden stools and tile 🤗

These are the matte black shower fixtures we picked.(The tub spout isn’t installed in this pic yet) I love the look of mostly white and gray with accents of black. I had a bit of a hard time finding matte black, as it seems to be less popular than “rubbed bronze,” which I was trying to avoid. I’m pleased with it all! 

What do you guys think?? I’d love to see your before and after bathroom shots! Leave me comments below and I hope this has been helpful and fun to see a finished room!


Where We Are Now

I’m learning that when designing your home, or remodeling, you need to have a vision. Otherwise you get stuck in the land of Where We Are Now. For us, it’s too dark, a lot of travertine, 90s beigey walls, old carpet, some odd design choices (Faux paint, anyone? Bazillions of recessed lights? Change in flooring in the middle of a room? Yes, yes and yes!) and about 400 square feet smaller than we desire. Blegh. So let me show you what the house looked like when we bought it. These pictures are from inspection day so you can see it exactly as it was when we bought it. 

Powder room complete with sage green faux paint. 😳

No offense to anyone with this flooring style, but dark hardwood is not for me. Neither is travertine. And why the mysterious change in flooring in the entry way? It’s bizarre. All of this will be gone in favor of light, bright and airy. And see where the dining and living rooms are? We are building a bedroom and loft space on the second floor above those rooms! 

Strange flooring change line again. This is my grandiose foyer. And that wall where the piano is? That will be opened up completely so you’ll see into the kitchen and back yard. 

Kitchen. Meh. It’s fine. More travertine. (And see how many recessed lights there are!? Why?!! Lol) Granite is a dated yucky color. The whole layout is set to be redesigned since this wall will be gone. Vision: custom white Shaker style cabinets, white slab counters, huge center island… ahhh. 

Staircase. We will be putting in wrought iron railings in place of this. 

This is the family room. The window above the couch is the wall we are pushing out into the back yard. This will give us quite a bit more space in here.  And we are putting awesome folding doors that extend the length of the wall there instead. So the kitchen will seamlessly flow into the entertaining space.  Anyone want those sweet wall sconces? 😉

I wake up every day to more travertine than anyone I know! It’s honestly evvverywhere in this house! Time to bring my master bath up to date. I’m thinking stand-alone tub, gray marble, and white vanity with a gray slab counter. 

Dark, gloomy kids’ bathroom before we recently gutted it. It looks fabulous now. Stay tuned for my post on this room soon!

I have several pictures I’ve found online that drive a lot of my choices in designing the various rooms of the house. We’re about two weeks away from starting on “the big stuff” in the house: kitchen overhaul, pushing out walls, taking down the huge wall, and adding a bedroom and loft space. I know, it’s a lot, right? And we just moved in two months ago! (Literally my garage is floor to ceiling still with boxes and furniture, you guys. I panic when I have to go in there! But why unpack when we are doing all this remodeling?! Sigh.) So, make sure to stay tuned for all the changes well be making very soon! 


House of Glam

Well, hello there! You may not remember me since it’s been, oh, roughly 11 months since I’ve paid attention to my sweet little bloggie blog. I don’t even know if it even qualifies as a blog anymore, but regardless, here I am.  A beauty-only blog is fun, but I have found that over the past year, I’m pretty diverse and bore easily (Hi, Gemini…).  SO, where does that take me? Well,  anyone as obsessed with beauty as I am is surely also interested in all the pretty things in life.  Home design has been an interest of mine for many years, but I just didn’t have a canvas to express myself until now. Our last home was perfectly turnkey and so shiny and new, so we didn’t have to do anything to it! But, we sold that house this past summer for a home in a neighborhood we adore, but that needs a little Christine-ization. You know what I mean? It’s not horrible, but we are changing it top to bottom – a pretty big addition, knocking down walls, the works – and in typical “me” fashion, I’ve become obsessed with all things home design – dreaming of it, Pinning compulsively after the kids go to bed, consulting with those who have done it before, reading about it, talking about it…in other words, I have myself a project! 

Have you ever seen a beauty blog turn into a design blog? Well here is where it is going down. I’m taking a turn for a while, or whenever I feel I inspired to share photos, design ideas, before and afters, and latest happenings with my house. 

I hope you enjoy the Glambassador of Beauty’s digression from strictly beauty into a more general discussion about beauty and glamour in home design! I’m excited to share more very soon. Oh, and the name Glambassador of Beauty? I’ll be keeping it, until further notice. 


Longest. Lashes. Ever. 

Long lashes are simply a glamour girl must! Ever been curious as to whether all those eyelash enhancing serums actually work?? Well, I have been a Revitalash fan for years, and recently tried Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner for the past two months, and let me be the first to shout it out…it works!  My lashes are the longest they’ve ever been.  I get compliments on them all the time, and that’s with just mascara!  They are now so long that they hit the lenses of my sunglasses and I’m actually thinking about cutting down my usage to just a few times a week for maintenance (Currently, I apply it daily). So go get your glam on, and grow, lashes, grow!
Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 10.13.54 PM

Products Used:

  1. Revitalash Advanced Eyelash Growth Serum
  2. L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Effect Mascara
  3. MAC Carbon Eyeshadow
  4. Grey Eye Shadow by Maybelline

Inside Out 


Let’s start the year off right with better health! After all, outer glamour starts with inner glamour! 😜 If you’re feeling lethargic and want more energy AND that coveted glow, then read on. The best way to gorgeous skin, increased energy, and clean insides is through what we eat. I certainly am far from perfect when it comes to what I eat (um, hiiiii, red wine), but I really do try. And try as I might, if I come up short on getting enough fruits, veggies, and nutrients into my diet, I turn to a few supplements that help me feel great. And let’s face it, when we feel great, we look great! 

1. Juice Plus+  

Oh, you eat 17 servings of fruits and veggies daily? Yea, me neither. Let Juice Plus+ help you bridge the gap. Hands down, this is the best whole-food based regimen out there, with the track record to prove it. I have taken it for ten years now (four capsules daily) and I believe it is the primary reason my immune system is strong and I am able to fight colds. Plus, it has about a million other benefits that whole-food based nutrition (no synthetic vitamins or additives) provides, including glowing healthy skin, hair, and nails. No, I don’t sell it, I just love it! I love it so much I’ve been giving it to my children since they were babies and believe strongly it has boosted their immunity tremendously. With cold season upon us, this is key. Click here to discover more, as I could go on and on…

2. Water. Lots. And lots. Of water. Seriously. Drink up and move on.   

3.  Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend.   

 Try not to make a disgusted face and have faith in me! This stuff is amazing. Did you know most of us are deficient in Vitamin D, and most of us don’t eat nearly enough fish to get our beautiful Omegas? Well, to compensate, I take two capsules (no spoonfuls here, thank you very much) of this blend of high-vitamin grass-fed butter and fermented cod liver oil daily. This is one of our ancestors’ remedies for everything from dry skin to fighting colds to better heart health. This brand combines butter oil with fermented cod liver oil (wild caught) for better synergy. I am a recent believer and now I won’t go a day without it! 

4. Probiotics

Shouldn’t the good guys win?? I absolutely believe so! Simply put, in our guts, there’s bad bacteria and good bacteria. If we take probiotics, the good bacteria colonize and help fight the bad guys! This helps with immunity and digestion. 

So there it is, glammies: my recipe for better health and beauty! I wish you all a glamorous and healthy 2016! 

Best Multitasking Beauty Products

Best Multitasking Beauty Products

Ahh, the life of a busy mom: it’s finally time to get yourself ready, so you look at the clock and find you only have a few precious minutes (story of our lives!). Obviously, multitasking mamas need multitasking products! You need products that have the ability to transform you into a glam goddess, and quickly! Beauty products that do it all are our best friends. Each of these has the ability to serve multiple beauty purposes:
1. MyChelle Dermaceuticals Advanced Argan Oil
2. Trader Joes Facial Cleansing Pads – available only at Trader Joe’s
3. FHI Heat Stylus
4. Bumble and Bumble Pret A Powder
5. Pur Minerals 4-in-1 Powder Foundation
6. NARS Blush/Bronzer Duo in Laguna/Orgasm
7. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Who doesn’t love a great multitasking beauty product?! Try these products, slim down your beauty routine, simplify your life… and you can thank me later!


Smoke Out

Ahh, the coveted perfect smoky eye.  It’s gorgeous, but application can be tricky if you don’t have the right products and method. You want the look, but don’t know quite how to get it, and how not to look overdone.  Leave it to me, glammies, to share which products will help you get this look effortlessly.  Promise.

Before I list the products I use to get a glam smoky eye, let me take a moment to rave about the Maybelline 24-Hour Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows.  Seriously, these are an amazing addition to my arsenal!  If you want an eyeshadow that makes application foolproof, and doesn’t slide off your eyelids over time, this is IT.  Seriously, you use your finger to apply…how easy is that?! And when they say “24-hour,” they’re serious.  It. Doesn’t. Budge.  I have oily skin, and even on my eyes, it stays put. I have just about every shade, but in this tutorial, I use the colors “Inked In Pink” and “Bad to the Bronze.” Both are so pretty and shimmery, blend easily, and wear very well for a smoky eye look.  Okay, enough about that! My other go-to smoky eye favorites are below.

Simple Smoky Eye Products:

  1. Maybelline 24-Hour Color Tattoo Cream Eyeshadows in Inked In Pink and Bad to the Bronze
  2. Smashbox Eyeshadow trio in Filter ( I used Sumatra and Vanilla)
  3. NYX Studios Eyeshadow in Addiction
  4. L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Effect Mascara
  5. MAC Eyeshadow in Carbon (as liner)
  6. elf Studio High Definition Translucent Powder

Brushes Used:

  1. elf Smudge Brush
  2. MAC Brush #224
  3. MAC Brush #242
  4. Sephora Powder Brush

Sugar Sugar

Hair on your pretty little head is glam. Hair elsewhere? Not so glam.  Enter the business of hair removal.  And not just any old hair removal, but sugaring.  If you’re not hot on sugaring yet, then read on, glammies.  Sugaring is an ancient form (as in: since 1900 BC) of hair removal that, as the name implies, uses natural sugar to remove hair from the skin.  And since I am such a fan, I can honestly tell you that it is the absolute best way to remove unwanted hair.  No ingrown hairs, lasting results, and it’s safer for your skin (in fact, the sugar itself is antibacterial!). But, as in any type of beauty service, a girl’s got to pay special attention to who performs this delicate art form. Seriously, don’t trust just anyone to do this.  Trust my girl, Dillan! Voted Best Sugaring in Orange County by OC Weekly, she is hands-down the guru of sugaring.  I have sensitive skin, and in the past, waxing left my bikini area very broken out.  But after “Sugaring by Dillan,” I have zero ingrown hairs and perfectly smooth, soft skin. Hallelujah! She will explain the whole process to you with a warm presence and you won’t be the least bit uncomfortable. She is friendly, polite, and makes scheduling a breeze. (After all, she’s a busy mommy too!) Bottom line: I won’t go anywhere else for my sugaring needs.  Visit Yelp to see her amazing 5-star reviews, and book your appointment with Dillan.  And since she’s seriously that awesome, she’s also giving my readers/viewers $15 off their first Brazilian treatment! No hairy glammies here!

Get Sugared

Sugaring is Superior to Waxing
Sugaring is Superior to Waxing

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