Let’s start the year off right with better health! After all, outer glamour starts with inner glamour! 😜 If you’re feeling lethargic and want more energy AND that coveted glow, then read on. The best way to gorgeous skin, increased energy, and clean insides is through what we eat. I certainly am far from perfect when it comes to what I eat (um, hiiiii, red wine), but I really do try. And try as I might, if I come up short on getting enough fruits, veggies, and nutrients into my diet, I turn to a few supplements that help me feel great. And let’s face it, when we feel great, we look great! 

1. Juice Plus+  

Oh, you eat 17 servings of fruits and veggies daily? Yea, me neither. Let Juice Plus+ help you bridge the gap. Hands down, this is the best whole-food based regimen out there, with the track record to prove it. I have taken it for ten years now (four capsules daily) and I believe it is the primary reason my immune system is strong and I am able to fight colds. Plus, it has about a million other benefits that whole-food based nutrition (no synthetic vitamins or additives) provides, including glowing healthy skin, hair, and nails. No, I don’t sell it, I just love it! I love it so much I’ve been giving it to my children since they were babies and believe strongly it has boosted their immunity tremendously. With cold season upon us, this is key. Click here to discover more, as I could go on and on…

2. Water. Lots. And lots. Of water. Seriously. Drink up and move on.   

3.  Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/ Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend.   

 Try not to make a disgusted face and have faith in me! This stuff is amazing. Did you know most of us are deficient in Vitamin D, and most of us don’t eat nearly enough fish to get our beautiful Omegas? Well, to compensate, I take two capsules (no spoonfuls here, thank you very much) of this blend of high-vitamin grass-fed butter and fermented cod liver oil daily. This is one of our ancestors’ remedies for everything from dry skin to fighting colds to better heart health. This brand combines butter oil with fermented cod liver oil (wild caught) for better synergy. I am a recent believer and now I won’t go a day without it! 

4. Probiotics

Shouldn’t the good guys win?? I absolutely believe so! Simply put, in our guts, there’s bad bacteria and good bacteria. If we take probiotics, the good bacteria colonize and help fight the bad guys! This helps with immunity and digestion. 

So there it is, glammies: my recipe for better health and beauty! I wish you all a glamorous and healthy 2016!