Well, hello there! You may not remember me since it’s been, oh, roughly 11 months since I’ve paid attention to my sweet little bloggie blog. I don’t even know if it even qualifies as a blog anymore, but regardless, here I am.  A beauty-only blog is fun, but I have found that over the past year, I’m pretty diverse and bore easily (Hi, Gemini…).  SO, where does that take me? Well,  anyone as obsessed with beauty as I am is surely also interested in all the pretty things in life.  Home design has been an interest of mine for many years, but I just didn’t have a canvas to express myself until now. Our last home was perfectly turnkey and so shiny and new, so we didn’t have to do anything to it! But, we sold that house this past summer for a home in a neighborhood we adore, but that needs a little Christine-ization. You know what I mean? It’s not horrible, but we are changing it top to bottom – a pretty big addition, knocking down walls, the works – and in typical “me” fashion, I’ve become obsessed with all things home design – dreaming of it, Pinning compulsively after the kids go to bed, consulting with those who have done it before, reading about it, talking about it…in other words, I have myself a project! 

Have you ever seen a beauty blog turn into a design blog? Well here is where it is going down. I’m taking a turn for a while, or whenever I feel I inspired to share photos, design ideas, before and afters, and latest happenings with my house. 

I hope you enjoy the Glambassador of Beauty’s digression from strictly beauty into a more general discussion about beauty and glamour in home design! I’m excited to share more very soon. Oh, and the name Glambassador of Beauty? I’ll be keeping it, until further notice.