While we have been waiting for final approval from our homeowners’ association to begin the heavy remodeling, we decided to start with the kids’ section of the house – their bedrooms and bathroom. The bathroom is a pretty tiny room, and when we moved in we quickly realized that space was an issue. Brushing teeth at the sink with them both on step stools while the door swings into the stools was not our favorite activity.  See the before pictures below. 

Shallow bath tub with- you guessed it- more beige tile! (And of course the floor was travertine 😂) also the shower doors were framed and cumbersome for giving the babies a bath. 

The vanity faces you right as you walk in. I wanted this dark wood and ugly granite gone. I also wanted a double sink for my two little ones. In a small space, this was tricky, but we made it happen and I’m so happy we did!

What to do about kiddos’ stools?? What do you all do? They’re one of those necessary evils. I feel like they just take up so much room and are always in the way, especially in this small space. They just make a space feel cluttered. I came up with a great solution as I’ll show you in the “after” photos. 

Dark, cramped, and not our style. 

My vision for this space was clean, modern, white and gray, with matte black accents. We decided on ditching the old door and having our contractor install a Shaker style pocket door. It has been a total godsend! See the pics below.

 Pocket door! Seriously, the best. We’re also installing them in our powder room and master bath. They are brilliant solutions for rooms that lack space, or for spaces where lots of times the door is open anyway (my kids rarely even close the door). We chose this modern three-panel solid wood door. All our doors will be changed to look like this. 

This is the classic basket weave marble tile I picked for both the floor and the accent for the shower niche. I love it. Like love. I’m obsessed with it, actually. It is gorgeous and timeless and we’re very happy with the choice! We chose a dark charcoal gray grout to make it pop. 

Our new vanity and fancy toilet. The vanity is 39+ inches across, but not so deep, so there is actually a lot more space than before. I also managed to find a single basin sink to fit on top, with two faucets! Genius. I just love how this came together. The glossy white vanity is so sleek.  To complete the look, I picked a heavy 36-inch round glam mirror over the vanity. I think it softens the room and of course adds a little glamour. 

Sneaky sneaky… I spy two little stepstools under the floating vanity! This brings me happy tears. Also, for those wondering what color we chose for the walls, it is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray. And the ceiling is the same color lightened 50%. It’s a gorgeous color and one I’ve seen designers use in many rooms of the house. We also chose this color for the kids’ bedrooms and it looks so good. 

 We chose a very deep rectangular modern tub from Mirabelle. I picked this rad glossy white 3×15 inch subway tile for the bath. Again, dark charcoal grout. Love this look. We also elongated the shower niche across the length of the wall for a more modern look which also helps with storage. 

Another look  at the hidden stools and tile 🤗

These are the matte black shower fixtures we picked.(The tub spout isn’t installed in this pic yet) I love the look of mostly white and gray with accents of black. I had a bit of a hard time finding matte black, as it seems to be less popular than “rubbed bronze,” which I was trying to avoid. I’m pleased with it all! 

What do you guys think?? I’d love to see your before and after bathroom shots! Leave me comments below and I hope this has been helpful and fun to see a finished room!