Hi! I’m Christine, Glambassador of Beauty. When I had kids, I gave up working “outside of the home” so that I could worry endlessly and obsessively about my children and be there for them as much as possible.  Being there on demand is no joke, and it’s a heart achingly beautiful job.  My proudest achievement by far is my kids. But since no mother is “just a mom,” I keep busy being a perfectionistic, compulsive over achiever in most things I try my hand at.  (LOLs, because lots of time I simply prefer to lounge and rest. See? I am diverse!) Lately, that’s designing our home. We have some big projects on the horizon, and I’m excited to share our journey with you. Above all, I’m just a simple lover of girly things and obsessing over making my house pretty – the ultimate makeover! I believe beauty and glamour should exist all around us, so this blog is devoted to not only my favorite beauty tips and products, but also how I am taking my home from so-so to fabulous!